13 of the best garden swings for adults

Chill out in your outdoor space with our favourite garden swing chairs and love seats.

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by Piper Huxley |

Our gardens are a sanctuary, a happy place. Surrounded by plants, the sound of the birds, perhaps a vegetable patch. You can enjoy your hard work by adding a unique seating area to the mix, with a selection of the best garden swings for adults.

Garden swings are among the most popular garden furniture. A hanging structure, a garden swing can seat one, two or three people. So, they’re perfect for a bit of alone-time – or ideal for a day of shared relaxation with a loved one. No matter the weather, a garden swing can provide the ultimate comfy and shady spot in your garden, and there are plenty of different types and options to suit any taste or style.

What types of garden swings are there?

Wooden – is a great and solid choice. This will be sturdy and reliable. Perfect for some cushions and will give your garden a cottage feel. Though wood – generally - needs some maintenance, you can always get the paintbrush out and give it a splash of colour, too.

Canopy – is a better option if you’re sensitive to the sun. With the extreme heat we’ve been having of late, it’s very important to keep in the shade – and keep you safe from UV rays. Plus, it will protect you from rain – which could be perfect for those of you who don’t mind petrichor or a pitter-patter.

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Metal – Despite being prone to rust, metal is another good choice, just, simply, cover with a furniture cover when not in use. They’re generally long-lasting, chip-resistant and sometimes come with waterproof fabric – which is a bonus.

Cushions – is the comfiest option of the lot. Who can resist dozing off in the garden? We’ve all done it. Some will come with detachable covers. It’s best to keep them away from the elements. Most metal structures will have cushions built in – so, invest in a cover.

Best garden swings for adults UK 2022

While away the hours in style and comfort with this seat. This budget buy is available in a range of colours to suit your existing décor and personal style and this metal and weatherproof swing is ideal for enjoying a morning cup of coffee or glass of wine.

Dimensions: H150 x W190 x D113 cm

Maximum Weight: 340g

Pros: Basic, Affordable

Cons: Instructions Confusing

Review: "Very comfy at an affordable price. It did take a couple of people to put it together. I would recommend it."

Hanging out in the garden? This seat is just the thing for lazing on Sunday afternoons or getting a moment's peace on a misty Monday morning. Complete with soft cushions, and crafted from natural rattan, this chair's hooded body cradles your head and back for an all-around cosy feel. Plus, the steel frame provides strong support for up to two people. With a bit of luck, this will be everyone's favourite spot.

Dimensions: H197 x W140 x D120 cm

Maximum Weight: 110kg per seat, totals 220kg

Pros: Comfy, Easy to Assemble

Cons: Some Assembly Required

Review: "Really pleased with this garden swing. It is very robust and the frame is heavy which is good for our windy garden. The seat pads are of good quality and really comfortable. It needed two of us to put it together to hold things in place while the other lined up screws etc."

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A great addition to your outdoor space is this three-seater swinging seat and arbour from Charles Taylor. With three seats, a lovely red finish and a pretty canopy, this could be the ideal sport for getting a moment's peace. Plus, this delightful seater comes with waterproof cushions and a waterproof cover - extra protection from the elements. Made from FSC-approved timber - which has been treated with preservatives - and galvanised zinc bolting, this seat is durable and made to last. Come rain, or come shine.

Dimensions: H196 x W225 x D124 cm

Maximum Weight: Not Specified

Pros: Stylish, Durable, FSC Approved, Three-Seater, Assembly Service Included

Cons: Low Seat, Maintenence

Review: "Lovely swing, glad I went for the three-seater, long enough to lie on too, great that it comes with two cushions, the driver that delivered it Built it too, good communication with the delivery date. Would definitely buy from you again."

From Wayfair - is this coffee-coloured porch swing. Constructed with a durable, metal frame and high-quality PVC-coated polyester fabric. Durable, UV-resistant and easy to clean, this swing comes complete with two, side storage bags for the latest issue of Modern Gardens Magazine or some light, garden reading. Plus, the top of the swing is adjustable, so you can control the amount of shade you have. Now, relax...

Dimensions: H179 x W189 x D128 cm

Maximum Weight: 200kg

Pros: Stylish, Swings Smoothly

Cons: Assembly is Required

Review: "We received this swing with no damage except for a couple of small scratches. It was easy to put together. The colours are exactly as shown in the picture. The swing glides very smoothly and it is comfortable. I would recommend this to a friend for sure."

Another classic, timeless design garden swing from Milldale. This attractive pergola style arbour is an ideal place to sit, relax and unwind, perfect for when you have company. It's the perfect spot to gather some strength for a busy day. Crafted from high-quality wood, this garden swing is strong, robust and easy to build. Plus, we love the rustic feel that this pressure-treated pine gives.

Dimensions: H200 x W215 x D136 cm

Maximum Weight: Not Specified.

Pros: Strong, Easy to Build, Rustic, FSC-Certified

Cons: Self-Assembly, Bulky, Cushions Not Included

Available in either grey or white, this stylish swing set with a canopy is a delight. With such glowing reviews, this garden swing for adults comes complete with cushions. Regarding assembly, this swing set comes partially assembled - but includes useful assembly tools and takes around an hour to put together.

Dimensions: H169 x W174 x D133 cm

Maximum Weight: 250kg

Pros: Good Value, Solid, Cushions Included

Cons: Partial-Assembly

Review: "Really good value. Solid and sound. Can be left outside - swings well and everyone has had lots of laughs and rest on it already. Better than being sat on a chair."

Take your garden up a notch with this large canopied swing seat. It's perfect to use as a quiet place to get away from the midday sun or to catch up with a friend. With a vented roof and sheer curtains, this beautiful piece of furniture keeps you cool from the summer heat and shielded from any surprise summer showers.

Dimensions: H232 x W230 x D149 cm

Weight Capacity: 340kg

Pros: Canopy, Cushions Included

Cons: Suited to Large Gardens, Lightweight will need anchoring

Review: "Absolutely love the swing, it's beautiful. The customer service is amazing too, a couple of parts were missing/damaged, but they got replaced so quickly. It looks exactly as advertised. Thank you, Wayfair."

Simple, elegant and rustic, this Anchorfast two-seater could be the perfect companion to a summer's day. With a wooden canopy attached, it's ideal for any garden and any household. Pop it at the bottom of your garden, or on your decking - it goes anywhere. Plus, it's made from FSC-Certified, pressure treated and durable pine.

Dimensions: H173 x W185 x D181 cm

Maximum Weight: 170kg

Pros: Rustic, Canopy, Sturdy, FSC-Certified Wood

Cons: No Cushions, Self-Assembly

Crafted from solid wood with teak oil, this swing from Wayfair offers a natural, unfinished look with slatted details along with the seat and back for a touch of classic charm. Set this on your patio, decking or flat lawn for a scintillating spot to relax in your outdoor sanctuary. Stylish, this swing set would look even better with some pillows.

Dimensions: H165 x W160 x D122 cm

Maximum Weight: 400kg

Pros: Spacious Seat, Adjustable Chain, Built to Last

Cons: Cushions not Included, Assembly Required

Review: "My favourite addition to my outdoor patio. Incredibly sturdy, and fits most bench-sized cushions. Love it!"

If you've got a strong branch in the garden, why not turn this into your new favourite spot in the garden? This macrame hammock wing chair is skin-friendly, comfortable and steady - holding up to 120kg. We love the unique design - especially the bohemian chic tassels. This would look great in your garden.

Dimensions: Not Specified.

Maximum Weight: 120kg

Pros: Rustic, No Assembly Required, Indoor or Outdoor

Cons: One Seat, May Need Extra Rope, Need a Strong Branch

Review: "Absolutely love this swing! I have it in the window of my bedroom and sit in it every day and it is so comfy, especially if you put some blankets and pillows in it. Best price I’ve seen for one of these and so glad I purchased this one. Bearing in mind you will have to buy some rope yourself and some bearing for the ceiling as these are not provided, only the rings are. But I knew this before buying and for the price you can’t really complain!"

Time to relax in style this summer with the swing seat. It's another great choice to spend your summer days. Ideal for the garden, patio, or porch an with plenty of room for two people, you can cosy up together or enjoy on your own. Built to last, this swing set is made from responsibly sourced wood and makes for a beautiful addition to your garden. With sturdy metal attachments, an angled seat with slats and armrests, you can relax comfortably for hours.

Dimensions: H170 x W170 x D90 cm

Maximum Weight: 220kg

Pros: Water Resistant, Can Hold Lots of Weight

Cons: No Canopy

This swinging bench from Wayfair not only fits in your space, but it fits in your budget. The heavy-duty chains provide strong and substantial support. Enjoy your leisure time with no worries. Simple, stylish and practical, this swing set is a no-brainer if you've got a strong tree branch or space on your porch to give it a home. Put some pillows on it, too.

Dimensions: H69 x W104.6 x D47.5 cm

Maximum Weight: 159kg

Pros: Pretty, Budget-Friendly, Lasts a While

Cons: Need Strong Brand or Porch Beam, Treat Wood Annually, No Pillows

Review: "Live on this beautiful swing. We've had it two years now and even though I use it multiple hours a day there is no damage or sign of wear and tear yet."


What do I need to think about when shopping for a garden swing for adults?

Size – Think about the size of your garden. How much space do you have? Just enough for a simple egg chair – or massive three-seater wooden structure? Think about your household, too. If you’re a lover of alone time, it’s worth looking at smaller, chicer garden swings to fit your independent lifestyle. We’ve made sure to include a variety in our listicle.

Assembly – If you’ve got the chops for assembling a garden swing, by all means, go for it. However, some of these garden swings may arrive flat-packed. Advice from Modern Gardens: make sure you check first before you order. Next, don’t panic. Hopefully, the instructions will be clear enough and you’ll have a functioning swing in no time.

Maintenance – Different swings will require different amounts of maintenance.

If possible, cushions from your garden swing will need to be removed during colder months. You want to preserve the comfiness for summer. If not, you can always find a cover.

Next, wood can get damaged by harsh weather conditions. So, your wooden garden swing may need to be topped up with varnish for extra protection – or covered up during those months.

Similarly, metal is also vulnerable to harsher weather, namely corrosion. Get a cover.

Where is best to place my garden swing?

Finding the perfect spot for your new garden swing is going to be paramount to your peace.

Luckily, Modern Gardens writer Jules Barton-Beck has helped us think about placement.

Firstly, think of your surroundings. What’s around you? Do you like to escape from the outside world? Is your main priority your safety? On this, Jules says: “Feeling safe is a prerequisite for feeling happy, so sitting your seating area in a spot that subconsciously helps you to feel secure is a must.” If you feel similarly, she suggests putting your seating area in front of a wall or fence.

Secondly, you should consider which part of your garden gets sun during the day. Getting some well-needed sun is great for your well-being as it can boost your happy hormone levels. Jules says: “Positioning your happy haven in a spot that catches the sun first thing means that you can benefit from this feel-good surge at the start of your day, as you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.” Sounds like bliss. Even better, it will be shaded later on the day when the sun is at its hottest.

Lastly, think about what you can see, your view. If you’re partial to a peaceful morning cuppa in the garden, make sure your new seating area can see your blooming flowers or a scintillating water feature. Jules says: “Some people feel calmer when they have the entrance to a space within view, so they’re always aware of who and what else is also there. Others feel more content when their view is restricted, and they’re not distracted by everything else that’s happening around them.”

Ultimately, it’s up to you.

Can I make my own garden swing?

This swing is wide enough for one to stretch out – or for two to share:

Reclaimed Pallet Swing

If you’re lucky enough to have a sturdy branch in your garden, an hour is all it takes to turn it into a rustic plaything. It’s simple, and will only take around an hour to make. Result.

You Will Need

A Wooden Pallet

Two Lengths of Strong Rope

Duct Tape

Two Rope Pulleys

What to Do

Drill a hole big enough for the rope in all four corners of the bottom boards.

Pull the ropes through and tie knots, wrapping the ends in duct tape.

Finally, hang your swing from some strong branches.

Tip: You can find wooden pallets for free on Gumtree or Freecycle.

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