Top A Cake With Petals Recipe

Dahlia petals aren’t just beautiful, they’re edible, too. Use them to top a cake or sprinkle them into a salad

Top A Cake With Petals

by Angela Kenny |
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Top A Cake With Petals


About 10-20 dahlia petals in complementary shades


Dahlia petals make a pretty cake topping, and using flowers you’ve grown means you can be sure they are chemical free. It’s hard to wash edible flowers thoroughly without damaging them so where they come from is important.

Choose a fresh flower that has just opened from bud. Working from the outside in, pull individual petals away from the middle of the flower with a gentle tug.

The petals are fairly robust so there’s no need to preserve them before use. Simply scatter on a cake just before you’re ready eat. They’ll stay fresh for several hours.

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