How To Make A Plant Pot Lighthouse

Craft Ideas | How To Make A Plant Pot Lighthouse

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dd a touch of coastal style to your garden with this clever and simple craft idea. This plant pot lighthouse will brighten up your garden both at day and night, so start crafting!

What you need

3 terracotta pots in different sizes - we've used 25cm, 15cm and 11cm all from Homebase

Tester pots of paint - we've used Birch White, Retro Ochre and Storm Cloud from Wilkos

Strong adhesive

Solar light marker - we got this from Wilkos too

Black permanent marker

What to do

Clean the pots with a cloth to remove any dirt or debris

Give each pot a base coat of white paint so the terracotta is completely covered, and leave to dry

Once dry, paint each of your pots in your chosen colours - leaving the rim painted white

Give each pot two coats of paint and leave to dry

Add a layer of adhesive around the inside of the medium pot and stack on top of the large pot.

Then put adhesive on the inside of the small pot and stack on top of the medium pot. Leave the adhesive to dry as per the product instructions.

Saw off the plastic stake end of the solar light and affix the solar light to the top of the smallest pot using the adhesive.

Draw a square on each pot using the permanent marker and colour in to create the windows.

Wait for it to get dark and watch your lighthouse light up!

Craft Ideas | How To Make A Plant Pot Lighthouse
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