How To Make A Festive Candle Holder

Follow this step-by-step guide to make your very own festive candle holder. This quick and easy craft idea is perfect as a little gift for your friends and family or adding a natural wow to your table.

Craft Ideas | How To Make A Festive Candle Holder

by Angela Kenny |
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2 glass jars

PVA glue

Twine Scissors

2 candles

Foliage Wood log slices


Have a good old forage in your garden (or local woods) to see what foliage you can find. Rosehip, with its red berries, is perfect for this make.

Paint the rims of the jars with PVA glue, and then wrap the twine around them to create a layer effect, pressing down firmly so that it sticks. Leave enough string at the ends unstuck so that you can tie them in a bow.

Place the candles in the jars and arrange the foliage and berries around them.

Arrange both jars on a wooden slice and decorate it with the leftover foliage.

Gently pour some water into the jars around three quarters of the way up the candle. The water will help to keep the foliage fresh.

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