Best fire pit tables for a cosy and contemporary garden

A fire pit table will keep you warm so that you can enjoy your outdoor space for longer.

Best fire pit tables

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Finding the best fire pit tables doesn't have to be overwhelming. With all sorts of new designs and materials, there are now so many fire pit tables to choose from, making them the must-have garden furniture for chilly nights and al fresco dining.

Options vary from low-level dining tables that stand next to a comfy sofa, to spacious dining tables and sophisticated high-level bar designs. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet night in or spending an evening with the girls – or boys! – and a few glasses of fizz, a fire pit table is a fabulous focal point around which to gather loved ones.

Best firepit tables at a glance

• Stress-free flames: REALGLOW Warmpact Rattan Table Gas Fire Pit – View on Amazon UK
• Stylish combo: Cosiloft Black & Grey Square Coffee Table Fire Pit – View on Ruma
Small space winner: Maze Rattan Winchester Oval Fire Pit Coffee Table - View at Maze Living

We all love the charm and informality of a regular firepit. But, a sturdy raised design that provides room for eating and entertaining is even better! If you have free-ranging children and pets, then it’s a safer option too. Providing warmth, light and atmosphere after the sun goes down, this classy bit of garden furniture with easy-light flames will revolutionise how you use your outside space this summer. This is an investment buy.

So, read on to find out about fuel options, design extras and the latest innovative designs. Materials to look out for when it comes to looking for a fire pit table include concrete, stainless steel and aluminium. This is so you can spend your hard-earned cash wisely and choose the best product to suit your plot and lifestyle.

Best fire pit tables

Stress-free flames

Hard-wearing and easy-care rattan effect combined with the convenience of gas makes this a no-fuss option. This generous REALGLOW Warmpact Rattan Table Gas Fire Pit is a bonfire without the mess. The set comes complete with a fire pit table and removable glass wind guard.

Customer Review: “Very pleased with this firepit. Came complete with cover which has kept it well protected outside over winter in rain and snow. The heat output is quite good for the size of the burner, and we have found it more than adequate for that dusk period just after the sun has gone down. It also adds a nice light ambience if you have no other lighting."


  • Durable and conveinient
  • Gives off a lot of heat
  • Weather resistant


  • Burn time is not specified

Warm al fresco dining

This full lounge set means you can gather around the fire pit with friends and family to stay warm in cooler evenings or even cover over the fire pit for more table space in the summer. The LG Outdoor Milano Lounge Set With Gas Firepit Table is made from weatherproof and durable powder-coated aluminium frames, with stylish wood effect details. It’s complete with a firepit dining table, two stools, two chairs and a two-seater sofa with cushions.


  • Double powder-coated aluminium frames mean no rusting
  • Chairs are stackable


  • No reviews yet

Stylish combo

Cosiloft Black & Grey Square Coffee Table Fire Pit
Price: £960 (was £1,200)

The Cosiloft Black and Grey Square Coffee Table Fire Pit is perfect for extending your outdoor cosy living space. This fire pit table is square and is available in a range of finishes, so you can pair it with your style. This fire pit comes with lava rocks, ceramic logs and a top plate. It works on a 5kg canister, readily available from the best gas or camping stores.


  • Sleek
  • Glass protects from the wind


  • The cost of the surround, plate and cover needs to be factored in to end price

Small space winner

Maze Rattan Winchester Oval Fire Pit Coffee Table
Price: £247 (was £449)

This all-weather Maze Rattan Winchester Oval Fire Pit Coffee Table with its nifty offset fire ensures there is plenty of room for nibbles as well. Gas-fuelled, the canister can be safely stashed within the table for a neat, space-saving solution. This set is a fire pit table, glass surround and lava rocks.

Customer review: "Lovely. Good price. Perfect for intended use."


  • Incorporates storage
  • Great for smaller spaces


  • Need to store away in bad weather

Classic option

Enjoy the warm glow of this Peaktop HF42191AA UK Gas Fire Pit With Cover in a classic design suited for most modern gardens. Made of durable lightweight metal with a smooth, wood-style tabletop, you can use the adjustable flames to light up your space.

Customer review: “This has been a great addition to our backyard. It is so nice having an additional option instead of making a fire. It is easy to use and looks awesome in our yard. Came in a big box and was easy to get things put together and started. Super happy for this purchase and the quality seems to be great!”


  • Easy to use
  • Simple to put together


  • Igniter doesn't work as well as hoped

Rustic style

Described as a fireplace, this low fire pit still leaves ample space for you to rest your drinks and despite its au natural appearance, is powered by propane fuel. In a brown wood effect, the Teamson Home H Polyresin Propane Outdoor has an adjustable flame from low to high and is the perfect way to light up your garden. This set includes a fire pit, lightweight cover, and 3kg lava rocks.

Customer Review: “Very happy with this fire pit. Lighter than expected, so was easy to place. Remote tank leaves exposed hose, but that's easy to manage. Easy to light and stays burning even with considerable wind. Low profile makes it a great conversation place.”


  • Easy to light and stays burning in really windy weather
  • Gives off lots of heat


  • Lava rocks get incredibly hot

Show-stealing design

Gin 90 Low Fire Pit Table
Price: £4,116 (was £5,145)

This floating design in oiled teak has an elongated stainless-steel bioethanol burner. This Gin 90 Low Fire Pit Table is sleek and unobtrusive and can define and enhance a space. With clean-burning e-NRG fuel, you also don't need to worry about embers, ash, and soot. This set includes a fire pit table with an integrated XL900 Burner.


  • Sustainable gas
  • Robust and weatherproof


  • No customer review

FAQs: Best fire pit tables

Which material is best for a fire pit table?

Firepit tables come in a wide range of hard-wearing materials including reinforced concrete, aluminium, wood and steel. Each brings their own character and personality to your outside space, so it really is a matter of style.

There are many matching furniture set deals available. For example, there are firepit tables accompanied by a sofa or dining chairs in the same material - if you’re thinking of giving your patio a whole new look. Current favourites in the style stakes are homely all-weather synthetic rattan, sleek powder-coated aluminium, and glossy teak.

Fire pit table on patio
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Don’t be swayed by whether or not your desired gas or bioethanol table comes with ceramic logs or lava stones as standard as these can be bought separately. Just check if any product is fuel compatible. It’s simple to swap the style of those supplied too. Standard ceramic logs are often a dull brown. However, stripy pale birch, rough charred oak, and smooth silvered driftwood will instantly bring a more modern look. Fire-resistant pebbles can also top any gas or bioethanol fire pit table. As can crush fire glass, which is available in many different colours.

Key features to look out for?

Glass wind guards are a must for gas and bioethanol burners as they prevent the fuel from being extinguished. They encourage it to burn efficiently, while also protecting those gathered around from sudden wind-caught flames. They form an essential barrier to prevent little fingers from getting too close and from debris being blown into the fire.

Most products include these in the total price but do check before ordering. Circular, square, or rectangular, they are made from sections of 5mm-thick heat-resistant glass connected by metal – usually aluminium – brackets. Raised on rubber feet that sit directly on the table, there will be a small gap to allow air to flow underneath and fan the flames.

Which fuel is best for a fire pit table?

Before you start shopping, decide which fuel type is most suitable for you and your garden.

Bottled gas or propane

This is the most popular. Clean-burning, efficient and easy to control, these canisters produce continuous flames that can be instantly dialled up or down as you prefer. Smokeless, there’s no danger of annoying guests or neighbours. Most tables have space to discreetly house the cylinder, though some do require it to be positioned a few metres away and connected with a hose.

Do check the size of any housed gas canister that suits your needs as tables accommodate different sizes. As a rough guide, a 5kg canister will burn for around six hours, longer if flames are at a reduced height. Canisters can be bought from local gas centres, DIY stores and petrol stations. You’ll need to buy a full bottle and then pay for a refill. Many people choose to buy two bottles so they have a spare for a quick changeover when the fuel runs out. Check too that the bottle is compatible with the burner’s particular regulator before you buy.

Bioethanol fuels

Bioethanol fuels are made from plant-derived sugar and starch combined with alcohol, making them an inexpensive and environmentally friendly choice. Available in liquid or gel form, this fuel produces lively flames without any soot, ash, or toxic fumes.

The burn rate and height of the flames are controlled by widening or reducing the burner’s aperture, using a long-handled hook tool. Although it can take up to 15 minutes for the fire to begin burning steadily, one litre of liquid fuel can last for three to four hours, making it very cost-effective.

It’s also possible to buy separate bioethanol burners that you can fit into your own custom-built table. The only downside is that you can’t refill a bioethanol burner while it’s hot so, once the fuel is used up, the flames are finished for the night.

Fire pit coffee table on patio with drink on top
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Logs and charcoal

Seasoned logs and charcoal are unrivalled for charm and atmosphere. But, the unmistakable crackle and aroma of wood are firmly offset by the hassle of smoke, flying sparks, and ash that has to be cleared up.

A cleaner and more efficient burn can be achieved by using quality seasoned and kiln-dried timber. But, there will always be one person with eyes watering from the smoke! It’s hard to control the flame height and heat level too, but these tables are significantly cheaper.

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