A Garden Accessory for All Seasons

With British gardens changing along with our changing climate, homeowners  and gardeners are looking towards garden accessories that can be used all year round,  acting as decorative focal point whilst with standing all that the seasons can throw at it.

So how do you provide that focal point? Why not choose a feature fireplace, fire pits or chiminea to fulfil the mission?  All three items, which are available from Chimineashop.co.uk take the captivating idea of a campfire to a new level, bringing the scent of wood smoke and wonderful flickering flames to our world.

So which do you choose?

Fire pits, such as the Isla or Ison pictured, have increasingly become an easy and affordable way to heat things up outside, inviting and irresistible, adding an extra twist to everyday outdoor lighting.  Plus some offer the chance to give more than just a cheery, hot outdoor fire – allowing you to cook or barbecue on them too. 

Nowadays, there’s a huge choice of stunning, stylish chimineas to choose from, every one of which has what it takes to grace your garden and delight your senses. There’s something about that typical chunky, smooth, fat belly and slim chimney that balances beautifully, whatever the design, whatever it’s made of, from clay to cast iron or steel.  Designs such as the Toledo or the Granada are great examples of a metal based chiminea whilst the Sempra is made from advanced Chimalin AFC fire proof clay. If you are looking for something more contemporary, than designs such as the Oslo may be more up your street.

Finally if you really want to take your home outdoors, a flat backed fireplace such as the Eeron might be the way to go!  These space saving designs are easy to position with a log store built in, making them a compact, beautiful and practical outdoor fire alternative.

Whatever you buy, it’ll change the way you entertain and enjoy your outdoor space. But before you do there’s one important question to ask yourself, and that’s ‘how big do I go?’ As it turns out, size does matter. This handy chiminea size guide might help you decide.